Engaging Young Men and Women at Emory University

You can imagine all these young minds who are really curious about this as a social issue. If real change is going to happen, it starts with us.  -- Khatdija Meghjani

Men Stopping Violence is partnering with local colleges and universities to engage young men and women in the work of ending male violence against women. 

What began five years ago as a group of 10 Emory University students coming together weekly to have test%2F1529424040541-Students+2+sm.jpgsubstantive conversations about safety for women on campuses has turned into student advocates educating fellow students and campus leaders on violence against women. 2018 activities include presenting a workshop at Emory’s RespectCon Conference and holding a training during Sexual Assault Awareness Month with the Interfraternity Council and over 80 students participating. 

“In 2012, we formed a partnership with Men Stopping Violence that still exists today,” said Khatdija Meghjani, founder and former student. “They gave students the curriculum for us to talk about sexual abuse on college campuses – how it impacts young men and women. It became an all ‘hands on deck’ conversation.” Khatdija added this dialogue continues on campus and it’s a conversation men should have: what does it mean to create a safer world for women and girls? 

With your support, Men Stopping Violence will continue developing and running impact programs that build communities where violence against women is unacceptable. 

Visit www.menstoppingviolence.com for more information.


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