Making Campuses Safer for Young Women and Men

At Men Stopping Violence, we have a strong commitment to making college campuses safer for young women and men. We know that by influencing young people, we can help to stop violence now and later in their lives. And, beyond that, we are participating in the formation of future leaders to make communities and institutions safer for all women, girls, and boys.

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Key focus areas include:

  • Providing leadership development opportunities to students, including:
    • Interning and volunteering
    • Leading/participating in college community service groups
    • Attending the 24-week Men’s Education Program for future leaders
  • Training students to talk to other students about male sexual violence at events and conferences
  • Offering intervention classes to male college students who have committed violence against women and want to change

Hear from students themselves about the value of Men Stopping Violence on campus:

We have the support of college educators, like Marian Meyers, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Communication and Institute of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University.

Men Stopping Violence is one of those rare men's organizations that not only sees the big picture concerning violence against women, but also holds men accountable for their actions.  It recognizes that men's abuse of women is not a women's problem, but a men's problem -- and it has been a leader for the past 35 years in conducting innovative trainings and programs, on both a local and national level, that challenge men not only to change, but to assume leadership in stopping men's violence towards women.   

With your support, Men Stopping Violence will continue developing and running impact programs that build communities where violence against women is unacceptable. Please donate now to support the Safe Campus initiative.

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